Distant Reiki Session

Try a powerful session with the healing energy of Reiki which helps to eliminate blockages within that might be causing mental, emotional, physical discomfort or illness.

Reiki is also a great modality for emotional issues and in helping you along your spiritual journey.
Reiki  helps to provide a soothing, anti-stress experience, an energy boost, support when recovering from an accident, trauma, illness or surgery.  

A distance session can help you through important or challenging events such as meetings, exams, important family and life events.


What To Expect 

We begin with a brief interview to find the on-going concerns and personal goals for the session via Skype/Facetime, messenger/text, email or by phone before the energy work begins and then find a comfortable place to rest. 

Sessions are done distantly, energy transmission is not limited by time and space, directing the energy to you remotely. Distance sessions have the exact same effect as in-person sessions. Energy follows intention and can travel anywhere very easily, which makes distance treatments possible and effective. Distance treatments can be more beneficial than in person treatments since a client may be more relaxed and receptive in their home environment. In addition, there is no “distraction” of physical presence and conversation and both the client and practitioner can focus fully on the energy and intention for healing. 


Give the gift of Reiki!

If your loved one lives in a different area or are in hospital, a distance reiki session would provide them with a great amount of healing support. (Their consent is required to do the distance healing session if possible. If not, let us know so we can energetically connect with them to ask for consent)

Please let us know the focus of your session when you book.  A feedback or confirmation email will be sent after the session.