Distant Energy Medicine Session

Distant Energy Healing Sessions

Exploring specific or non-specific issues that you can't seem to shake off or recover from. Whether it is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue, we will dive in to get to the root of the issue, clearing it and having a better understanding of ourselves.

There are many tools that are used in Energy Healing:

Childhood/Past-life Regression

Regression is a process where I assist you in healing energetic imprints and cellular memory from previous lifetimes.  With the intention of healing, re-experiencing and processing these memories, helps you resolve and permanently clear problems and issues in your current life.  Then re-imprint positive experiences that then dramatically impact the present.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a vibrational recording of all deeds, thoughts, and actions of our soul’s history. This is healing at the deepest level.  Helping you to understand and clear limiting beliefs, patterns, karma and the root cause of recurring issues.  In the energy of the Akashic Records we rescript and imprint new information which positively influences your current life.


Inter-Generational work which would be used if there are similar issues in your family and relatives also known as hereditary ailments.




Traditional vs Spiritual

Traditional medicine is based on developing tests and chemical based medications to treat physical, emotional and mental symptoms, not dealing with the root causes.

Spiritual healing is based on the principle that healing occurs on 4 levels, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  Honoring the Soul and its guidance to find and solve the priority first and then deal with the symptoms.  The spiritual level is always the ultimate source of any dis-ease, denial, imbalance, even injuries on all the other levels.




Who Benefits?

Energy Medicine is great for everyone who wants to maintain their energy balance and for those who want to get their energy back to balance. Helping individuals identify their imbalances whether its on an emotional, spiritual or physical level. Empowering individuals to look deeper within through Energy Medicine. Guiding and encouraging spiritual development and self awareness which leads to a more balanced, passionate and fulfilling life.  Babies, children, teenagers, young adults, adults, seniors benefit from Energy Healing.




What To Expect


We chat over Skype/Facetime, messenger/text, email or by phone before the energy work begins and then find a comfortable place to rest. We begin with a brief interview to find the on-going concerns and personal goals for the session.  Followed by utilizing the best techniques for the current time.

Sessions are done distantly, energy transmission is not limited by time and space, directing the energy to you remotely. Distance sessions have the exact same effect as in-person sessions. Energy follows intention and can travel anywhere very easily, which makes distance treatments possible and effective. Distance treatments can be more beneficial than in person treatments since a client may be more relaxed and receptive in their home environment. In addition, there is no “distraction” of physical presence and conversation and both the client and practitioner can focus fully on the energy and intention for healing. 

 Love & Light!