Angelic Readings

Readings by Maria Hadjiapostoli, for insight, reassurance and guidance from the Divine, Elementals, and Loved Ones that have crossed over. 

These readings are to aid in emotional healing and spiritual growth that can also aid in mental and or physical dis-ease/distress.  Not all answers are simply yes or no all the time, sometimes the divine needs us to see things as a broader view for our spiritual growth and life lessons.

1)  Simply click on the subject you would like the reading on in the choices provided below. 

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Note:  All Readings are channeled by Maria Hadjiapostoli 


Mermaids & Dolphins help us to manifest our goals and life purpose.  Diving deep into your sub-conscious mind to bring blocks that are limiting you to the surface.

Fairy Readings.jpg

These nature angels are powerful healers and helpers with everyday earthly concerns.

Messages from Heaven.png

Communication is still very important to your passed on loved ones.  They want to share their love, support and reassurance to help you through the grief as well as all the other aspects in your life.  These readings help to build the new type of relationship from the other side.

Romance Reading.png

The romance angels bring forward gentle and loving insight to any questions or confusion you may have with regards to your love life or a special someone.  

health and healing Readings.jpg

Accurate and helpful readings about health and healing.  Channeling the healing powers of Archangel Raphael, bringing forward miracles and trustworthy guidance.

Angel Readings.jpg

Receive the grace yet powerful insight from God's messengers, the Angels.  They can assist you in any aspect of life that may be difficult, confusing, or painful.

Life Purpose Readings.jpg

When you are living your life purpose, your journey suddenly feels like a harmonious flow.

For those who may feel that they are off their path, this reading brings clarity, specific details. and the steps toward your life purpose.