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Our focus is to help those who have the desire for spiritual growth, emotional healing and development.  


Maria Hadjiapostoli, a Spiritual/Assertiveness Coach and Authour of self help children/inner child books, Just As I Am and I Love Me! These books are to aid children in healthy emotional development and self-love.  These books are also geared for adults that engage in inner child work to improve their relationshiip with self and create a life filled with love and abundance.


Maria struggled through illness and emotional turmoil throughout her life which resulted in returning her back to the self and to the Divine. Realizing the importance of the relationship with the self, and being an empath, Maria became motivated to help others return to themselves and to emotionally self-nourish and calm the war within each of us. All of her guidance and written work is directly from the Divine in order to help all in need.


Maria offer's one on one sessions via email at $125 per session.

Simply email your question or current concern and money transfer to kittenwings@outlook.com.

You will be sent your reading/guidance via email.


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